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Use of a Cyclometalated Iridium(III) Complex Containing a NCN-Coordinating Terdentate Ligand as a Catalyst for the α‑Alkylation of Ketones and N‑Alkylation of Amines with Alcohols

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posted on 2017-01-05, 00:00 authored by Pengcheng Liu, Ran Liang, Lei Lu, Zhentao Yu, Feng Li
A cyclometalated iridium­(III) complex containing a NCN-coordinating terdentate ligand [Ir­(dpyx-N,C,N)­Cl­(μ-Cl)]2 was found to be a general and highly effective catalyst for the α-alkylation of ketones and N-alkylation of amines with alcohols. In the presence of catalyst (1 mol % Ir) and base (0.2–0.5 equiv), a variety of desirable products were obtained in good yields under an air atmosphere. Notably, this research exhibited the new potential of Ir­(III) complexes bearing non-Cp* ligand and will facilitate the progress of the hydrogen autotransfer process.