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Synthesis of 4‑Isoxazolines through Gold(I)-Catalyzed Cyclization of Propargylic N‑Hydroxylamines

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posted on 2016-07-15, 00:00 authored by B. Chandrasekhar, Sewon Ahn, Jae-Sang Ryu
New catalytic methods for the synthesis of 4-isoxazolines have been developed via catalytic intramolecular cyclizations of propargylic N-hydroxylamines. The reactions proceed rapidly in less than 1 h at room temperature in the presence of 5 mol % (PPh3)­AuCl/5 mol % AgOTf or 5 mol % (PPh3)­AuNTf2. This process features an efficient route to 4-isoxazolines with high yields, short reaction times, and mild reaction conditions.