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Spin-Paramagnet Communication between Nitroxide Radical and Metallofullerene

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posted on 2016-03-03, 00:00 authored by Bo Wu, Yongjian Li, Li Jiang, Chunru Wang, Taishan Wang
The paramagnetic metallofullerenes wrapped lanthanide metals have many special properties and potential applications, especially as a single-molecule magnet. Herein, we report a spin probe of nitroxide radical for the magnetic dysprosium metallofullerenes. The nitroxide radical was connected to dysprosium metallofullerene though a cycloaddition reaction. Two kinds of dysprosium metallofullerene, DySc2N@C80 and Dy2ScN@C80 with different characters of molecule magnet, were selected. By means of analyzing electronic spin resonance spectra of nitroxide radical, the spin-paramagnet interactions between nitroxide and dysprosium metallofullerenes were investigated.