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Probing the Fast Lithium-Ion Transport in Small-Molecule Solid Polymer Electrolytes by Solid-State NMR

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posted on 2020-11-12, 13:05 authored by Xiaobin Fu, Yiyang Liu, Wei Wang, Ling Han, Jing Yang, Min Ge, Yefeng Yao, Hongtao Liu
Low-molecular-weight poly­(ethylene oxides) (PEOs) were used in the synthesis of cyclodextrin (CD)-based solid polymer electrolytes to reduce the coordination strength between the Li+ ions and the ligands and facilitate lithium-ion transport. The produced samples demonstrated fast dynamics of the Li+ species dissociated from the polymer chains, which is considered to play a key role in fast lithium-ion transport. As revealed from 1H and 7Li high-resolution NMR, choosing a low-molecular-weight PEO chain improved the mobility and, by increasing the temperature, the amount of mobile Li+ species was significantly increased in the samples. Enhancement (3 orders of magnitude) in the ionic conductivity of the samples was achieved. This study provides insight into fast Li+ ion transport in CD PEO/Li+ crystals and significantly facilitates the ionic conduction enhancement of tunnel-like CD-based polymer electrolytes.