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Novel Solid Electrolyte CO2 Gas Sensors Based on c‑Axis-Oriented Y‑Doped La9.66Si5.3B0.7O26.14

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posted on 2020-05-01, 21:04 authored by Nan Ma, Shingo Ide, Koichi Suematsu, Ken Watanabe, Kengo Shimanoe
Nowadays, monitoring and recording CO2 gas has become more and more important in various areas, leading to increasing demand for developing high-sensitive CO2 sensors. In this study, a novel potentiometric CO2 gas sensor is designed based on a new solid electrolyte of Y-doped La9.66Si5.3B0.7O26.14 (Y-LSBO), coated with the Li2CeO3–Au–Li2CO3 composite as a sensing electrode and Pt as a reference electrode. With the optimized composition of a sensing electrode, the electromotive force (EMF) varies linearly with the logarithm of the CO2 concentration in the range of 400–4000 ppm, exhibiting an excellent Nernstian response to CO2 gas in both dry and humid atmospheres. The fabricated CO2 sensor can be well operated at 400 °C in a dry atmosphere and 450 °C in a humid atmosphere. Based on the results, we have proposed that the good CO2 sensing performance may be associated with Li2CeO3 playing a role of “ionic bridge” between the O2– conductor (Y-LSBO) and the Li+ conductor (Li2CO3). This study not only shows the promising potential of a Y-LSBO solid electrolyte utilized in the field of gas sensors but also enriches the research of solid electrolyte–based potentiometric CO2 gas sensors.