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Modeling Metasurfaces Using Discrete-Space Impulse Response Technique

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posted on 19.03.2020, 20:43 by Mahsa Torfeh, Amir Arbabi
Metasurfaces are arrays of subwavelength meta-atoms that shape waves in a compact and planar form factor. Analysis and design of metasurfaces require methods for modeling their interactions with waves. Conventional modeling techniques assume that metasurfaces are locally periodic structures excited by plane waves, restricting their applicability to gradually varying metasurfaces that are illuminated with plane waves. Here we introduce the discrete-space impulse response concept that enables the development of accurate and general models for metasurfaces. According to the proposed model, discrete impulse responses are assigned to metasurface unit cells and are used to determine the metasurface response to any arbitrary incident waves. We verify the accuracy of the model by comparing its results with full-wave simulations. The proposed concept and modeling technique are applicable to linear metasurfaces with arbitrary meta-atoms, and the resulting system-level models can be used to accurately incorporate metasurfaces into simulation and design tools that use wave or ray optics.