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Fluoromethoxymethylation of Nitrogen Heterocyclic Compounds with Fluoromethyl Iodide

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posted on 13.01.2020, 22:29 by Rongkang Wang, Tianqi Ding, Lvqi Jiang, Wujuan He, Wenbin Yi
The fluoromethoxymethylation of nitrogen heterocyclic compounds with fluoromethyl iodide has been reported for the first time. In this reaction, a number of unexplored fluoromethoxymethylated nitrogen heterocyclic compounds including indoles, carbazoles, and 1H-indazoles were efficiently formed. Mechanistic studies indicated that this transformation consists of electrophilic monofluoromethylation, rapid hydrolysis, and another electrophilic monofluoromethylation. This method makes it possible to synthesize complex bioactive molecules containing a CH2OCH2F group, which have the potential to be a new series of fluorine-containing chemical entities for medicinal chemists.