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Environmentally Friendly Super-Water-Repellent Fabrics Prepared from Water-Based Suspensions

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posted on 2018-04-24, 00:00 authored by Ronggang Cai, Karine Glinel, David De Smet, Myriam Vanneste, Nicolas Mannu, Benoît Kartheuser, Bernard Nysten, Alain M. Jonas
We report on a facile, versatile, and environmentally friendly method to prepare superhydrophobic fabrics by a simple dip-coating method in water-based suspensions and emulsions. All the materials used are fluorine-free and commercially available at a large scale. The method can be easily integrated into standard textile industrial processes and has a strong potential for the mass production of environmentally friendly superwater-repellent fabrics. The produced fabrics show good resistance to machine washing and acidic or alkaline treatments. In addition, it is shown that superhydrophobicity can be quantitatively predicted based on the combination of the roughness of the fabric and of the fiber coating.