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Dynamic Enamine-one Bond Based Vitrimer via Amino-yne Click Reaction

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posted on 2021-09-16, 11:36 authored by Xinru Guo, Fei Gao, Fengbiao Chen, Jiang Zhong, Liang Shen, Cong Lin, Yangju Lin
Here, we report the fabrication of a dynamic enamine-one bond based vitrimer through amino-yne click chemistry. In contrast to amine-acetoacetate condensation, the amino-yne click reaction yields a dynamic enamine-one motif that is composed of cis/trans (3:1) isomers and has a relatively lower activation energy (35 ± 3 kJ/mol vs 59 ± 6 kJ/mol), owing to the absence of a methyl substituent. The resulting vitrimer network has superior mechanical properties and faster dynamic exchange than that of a reference vitrimer derived from amine-acetoacetate condensation, and they are attributed to the fewer network defects and the less sterically hindered exchange reaction, respectively. Lastly, the efficient amino-yne click reaction is demonstrated to be compatible with the secondary-amine substrate, which has a low reactivity toward the amine-acetoacetate condensation. The efficient and side product-free amino-yne reaction offers a powerful chemical tool for vitrimer fabrication and is potentially desirable for sealing and adhesion applications.