Synthesis and Characterization of Nitric Oxide-Releasing Platinum(IV) Prodrug and Polymeric Micelle Triggered by Light

Herein, we report the proof of concept of photoresponsive chemotherapeutics comprising nitric oxide-releasing platinum prodrugs and polymeric micelles. Photoactivatable nitric oxide-releasing donors were integrated into the axial positions of a platinum­(IV) prodrug, and the photolabile hydrophobic groups were grafted in the block copolymers. The hydrophobic interaction between nitric oxide donors and the photolabile groups allowed for the loading of platinum drugs and nitric oxide-releasing donors in the photolabile polymeric micelles. After cellular uptake of micelles, light irradiation induced the release of nitric oxide, which sensitized the cancer cells. Simultaneously, photolabile hydrophobic groups were cleaved from micelles, and the nitric oxide-releasing donor was altered to be more hydrophilic, resulting in the rapid release of platinum­(IV) prodrugs. The strategy of using platinum­(IV) prodrugs and nitric oxide led to enhanced anticancer effects.