Laser-Assisted Multiscale Fabrication of Configuration-Editable Supercapacitors with High Energy Density

The construction of multidimensional, diversified microsupercapacitors (MSC) is urgently needed for fast-changing flexible and wearable microelectronics, which still meets the challenges of tedious construction and difficult integration. Herein, a laser direct writing strategy has been developed for the one-step preparation of multiscale MSCs from editable macro-supercapacitors. The microstructured supercapacitors with predefined multiscale shapes not only maintain the high capacitance performance and stability but also display the tensile properties in arbitrary direction. The heat-treated ion liquid-modified reduced graphene oxide guarantees the thermal stability of an electrode material during laser cutting, and its high ion-accessible surface area improves the capacitance performance of the supercapacitor. The as-fabricated MSC demonstrates a wide voltage window (0–3 V), high areal specific capacitance (27.4 mF cm–2), and high energy density (32.1 μW h cm–2), which are far higher than those of most reported articles. Notably, the editable supercapacitors can imitate the stereo paper cutting to achieve an arbitrary one-dimensional to three-dimensional configuration, promising for various portable, stretchable, and wearable devices.