Gate- and Light-Tunable pn Heterojunction Microwire Arrays Fabricated via Evaporative Assembly

One-dimensional (1D) nano/microwires have attracted considerable attention as versatile building blocks for use in diverse electronic, optoelectronic, and magnetic device applications. The large-area assembly of nano/microwires at desired positions presents a significant challenge for developing high-density electronic devices. Here, we demonstrated the fabrication of cross-stacked pn heterojunction diode arrays by integrating well-aligned inorganic and organic microwires fabricated via evaporative assembly. We utilized solution-processed n-type inorganic indium–gallium–zinc-oxide (IGZO) microwires and p-type organic 6,13-bis­(triisopropylsilylethynyl)­pentacene (TIPS-PEN) microwires. The formation of organic TIPS-PEN semiconductor microwire and their electrical properties were optimized by controlling both the amounts of added insulating polymer and the widths of the microwires. The resulting cross-stacked IGZO/TIPS-PEN microwire pn heterojunction devices exhibited rectifying behavior with a forward-to-reverse bias current ratio exceeding 102. The ultrathin nature of the underlying n-type IGZO microwires yielded gate tunability in the charge transport behaviors, ranging from insulating to rectifying. The rectifying behaviors of the heterojunction devices could be modulated by controlling the optical power of the irradiated light. The fabrication of semiconducting microwires through evaporative assembly provides a facile and reliable approach to patterning or positioning 1D microwires for the fabrication of future flexible large-area electronics.