Two-Dimensional Flexible High Diffusive Spin Circuits

Published on 2019-01-11T20:19:32Z (GMT) by
Owing to their unprecedented electronic properties, graphene and two-dimensional (2D) crystals have brought fresh opportunities for advances in planar spintronic devices. Graphene is an ideal medium for spin transport while being an exceptionally resilient material for flexible nanoelectronics. However, these extraordinary traits have never been combined to create flexible graphene spin circuits. Realizing such circuits could lead to bendable strain-spin sensors, as well as a unique platform to explore pure spin current based operations and low-power 2D flexible nanoelectronics. Here, we demonstrate graphene spin circuits on flexible substrates for the first time. Despite the rough topography of the flexible substrates, these circuits prepared with chemical vapor deposited monolayer graphene reveal an efficient room temperature spin transport with distinctively large spin diffusion coefficients ∼0.2 m<sup>2</sup> s<sup>–1</sup>. Compared to earlier graphene devices on Si/SiO<sub>2</sub> substrates, such values are up to 20 times larger, leading to one order higher spin signals and an enhanced spin diffusion length ∼10 μm in graphene-based nonlocal spin valves fabricated using industry standard systems. This high performance arising out of a characteristic substrate terrain shows promise of a scalable and flexible platform towards flexible 2D spintronics. Our innovation is a key step for the exploration of strain-dependent 2D spin phenomena and paves the way for flexible graphene spin memory–logic units and planar spin sensors.

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Serrano, I. G.; Panda, J.; Denoel, Fernand; Vallin, Örjan; Phuyal, Dibya; Karis, Olof; et al. (2019): Two-Dimensional Flexible High Diffusive Spin Circuits. ACS Publications. Collection.