Transition-Metal-Free One-Step Synthesis of Ynamides

Published on 2019-03-15T15:20:57Z (GMT) by
A robust transition-metal-free one-step strategy for the synthesis of ynamides from sulfonamides and (<i>Z</i>)-1,2-dichloroalkenes or alkynyl chlorides is presented. This method is not only effective for internal ynamides but also amenable for terminal ynamides. Various functional groups, even the vinyl moiety, are compatible, and thus, this strategy offers the opportunity for further functionalization.

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Zeng, Xianzhu; Tu, Yongliang; Zhang, Zhenming; You, Changming; Wu, Jiao; Ye, Zhiying; et al. (2019): Transition-Metal-Free

One-Step Synthesis of Ynamides. ACS Publications. Collection.