Topological Gradients for Metal Film-Based Strain Sensors

Posted on 06.08.2022 - 02:20
Metal film-based stretchable strain sensors hold great promise for applications in various domains, which require superior sensitivity-stretchability-cyclic stability synergy. However, the sensitivity-stretchability trade-off has been a long-standing dilemma and the metal film-based strain sensors usually suffer from weak cyclic durability, both of which significantly limit their practical applications. Here, we propose an extremely facile, low-cost and spontaneous strategy that incorporates topological gradients in metal film-based strain sensors, composed of intrinsic (grain size and interface) and extrinsic (film thickness and wrinkle) microstructures. The topological gradient strain sensor exhibits an ultrawide stretchability of 100% while simultaneously maintaining a high sensitivity at an optimal topological gradient of 4.5, due to the topological gradients-induced multistage film cracking. Additionally, it possesses a decent cyclic stability for >10 000 cycles between 0 and 40% strain enabled by the gradient-mixed metal/elastomer interfaces. It can monitor the full-range human activities from subtle pulse signals to vigorous joint movements.


Zhu, Ting; Wu, Kai; Xia, Yun; Yang, Chao; Chen, Jiaorui; Wang, Yaqiang; et al. (2022): Topological Gradients for Metal Film-Based Strain Sensors. ACS Publications. Collection.
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