Slicing and Splicing of Bromodifluoro‑<i>N</i>‑arylacetamides: Dearomatization and Difunctionalization of Pyridines

Published on 2020-08-01T15:29:26Z (GMT) by
Copper-catalyzed dearomatization and difunctionalization of pyridines have been disclosed, in which bromodifluoro-<i>N</i>-arylacetamide was sliced into five fragments and three or four of them were transferred to pyridine partners. Through this reaction, novel <i>N</i>-difluoromethyl-2-imine dihydropyridine derivatives can be conveniently accessed from commercially available 4-amino substituted pyridines. This strategy demonstrates a novel fluorination method featuring high atom economy, environmental friendliness, an easily available catalyst, and simple operation.

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Chen, Hongtai; Yang, Yanyan; Wang, Lianxin; Niu, Yuxiang; Guo, Minjie; Ren, Xiangwei; et al. (2020): Slicing and Splicing of Bromodifluoro‑N‑arylacetamides: Dearomatization and Difunctionalization

of Pyridines. ACS Publications. Collection.