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Laser-Induced Crafting of Modulated Structural Defects in MOF-Based Supercapacitor for Energy Storage Application

Posted on 2024-04-03 - 13:03
Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) have emerged as promising contenders in storage applications due to their unique properties. In this study, we synthesized CuZn-MOF-Px by meticulously adjusting the laser power during fabrication. This precise tuning substantially enhanced controlled defects and porosity, enhancing the electrode’s surface area and specific capacitance. The optimized CuZn-MOF-P7 electrode demonstrated a specific capacitance of 3.7 F cm–2 at 1 mA cm–2 current density. Furthermore, the electrode showed outstanding durability, holding onto 97% of its capacitance at 50 mA cm–2 after 16000 cycles. To demonstrate its practical utility, we engineered a planar hybrid supercapacitor (PHSC) employing CuZn-MOF-P7 as the cathode and activated carbon (AC) as the anode. This configuration displayed 22.3 μWh cm–2 and 6.75 mW cm–2 of energy and power density, respectively, highlighting its efficiency and applicability. This work’s significance lies in the innovative use of laser irradiated approach for improving the performance of MOF-based materials for energy storage devices.


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