Hierarchical Targeted Delivery of Lonidamine and Camptothecin Based on the Ultra-Rapid pH/GSH Response Nanoparticles for Synergistic Chemotherapy

Posted on 16.10.2020 - 21:41 by ACS Admin
A facile strategy to construct dual-drug delivery nanoparticles (TL-CPT NPs), which possessed higher loading content of CPT and TPP-LND. Notably, TL-CPT NPs showed promising ultrarapid pH/GSH response to release more than 86% of loaded TPP-LND or 93% of loaded CPT in just 2 h. The results showed that the nanoparticles hierarchically delivered CPT and TPP-LND to targeted different organelles without mutual influence benefiting the ultrarapid pH/GSH response to drug release, and further significantly and synergistically induced cell apoptosis and improved chemotherapeutic efficiency in cancer cells.


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