Fitting Side-Chain NMR Relaxation Data Using Molecular Simulations

Posted on 22.07.2021 - 09:43
Proteins display a wealth of dynamical motions that can be probed using both experiments and simulations. We present an approach to integrate side-chain NMR relaxation measurements with molecular dynamics simulations to study the structure and dynamics of these motions. The approach, which we term ABSURDer (average block selection using relaxation data with entropy restraints), can be used to find a set of trajectories that are in agreement with relaxation measurements. We apply the method to deuterium relaxation measurements in T4 lysozyme and show how it can be used to integrate the accuracy of the NMR measurements with the molecular models of protein dynamics afforded by the simulations. We show how fitting of dynamic quantities leads to improved agreement with static properties and highlight areas needed for further improvements of the approach.


Kümmerer, Felix; Orioli, Simone; Harding-Larsen, David; Hoffmann, Falk; Gavrilov, Yulian; Teilum, Kaare; et al. (2021): Fitting Side-Chain NMR Relaxation Data Using Molecular Simulations. ACS Publications. Collection.
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