American Chemical Society

Continuous-Wave Second-Harmonic Generation in Orientation-Patterned Gallium Phosphide Waveguides at Telecom Wavelengths

Posted on 2022-05-13 - 22:08
A new process to produce orientation-patterned gallium phosphide (OP-GaP) on GaAs with almost perfectly parallel domain boundaries is presented. Taking advantage of the chemical selectivity between phosphides and arsenides, OP-GaP is processed into suspended shallow-ridge waveguides. Efficient second-harmonic generation from telecom wavelengths is achieved in both Type-I and Type-II polarisation configurations. The highest observed conversion efficiency is 200% W–1 cm–2, with a bandwidth of 2.67 nm in a 1 mm-long waveguide. The variation of the conversion efficiency with wavelength closely follows a squared cardinal sine function, in excellent agreement with theory, confirming the good uniformity of the poling period over the entire length of the waveguide.


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