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Urea-Appended Amino Acid To Vitalize Yeast Growth, Enhance Fermentation, and Promote Ethanol Production

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posted on 30.08.2019, 14:03 by Supriya Sasmal, Srayoshi Roy Chowdhury, Debasish Podder, Debasish Haldar
The development of sustainable protocols for enhancing the production of ethanol is highly important for its utilization in automotive transportation and energy sector. Up to 15% ethanol can blend with diesel to make e-diesel that can be used in fuel compression ignition engine. Urea-modified amino acids can be used as a very good vitalizer for yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Baker’s yeast (ATCC 204508)) growth and thus promote ethanol production. A simple, one-step, room-temperature synthetic procedure has been developed for urea-appended α-amino acids from amino acid by treatment with KCNO. Single-crystal X-ray studies confirm the successful synthesis and molecular structures of the urea-appended α-amino acids. Out of 20 urea-appended amino acids, Arg-, Pro-, His-, and Gln-containing compounds promote yeast growth significantly after 12 h at pH 6.8 and 38 °C. These compounds are nontoxic. The urea-appended Arg shows 2-fold increase of yeast growth. However, urea-appended m-aminobenzoic acid and p-aminobenzoic acid inhibit yeast growth. NMR experiments confirmed the enhanced production of ethanol by glucose fermentation in the presence of 2.5 μmol urea-appended Arg. Not only glucose but also commercially available sugars and feedstock of the starch slurry drained out after boiling of rice exhibit significant enhancement of ethanol production under same conditions.