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Synthesis of Menthol Glycinates and Their Potential as Cooling Agents

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posted on 2020-03-05, 20:13 authored by Douglas A. Klumpp, Robert M. Sobel, Smaro G. Kokkinidou, Brian Osei-Badu, Zachary Liveris, Rachel A. Klumpp, Michael R. Stentzel
A convenient method of synthesis has been developed for a new class of potential cooling agents, menthol glycinates. These compounds are prepared in two synthetic steps, starting from bromoacetyl bromide and (−)-menthol. The resulting brominated menthol ester readily undergoes substitution reactions with NH3 and 1° or 2° amines to provide menthol glycinates. For most of the prepared compounds, the two-step synthetic procedure requires no aqueous phase extractions.