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Multicolor Luminescent Patterning via Photoregulation of Electron and Energy Transfer Processes in Quantum Dots

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posted on 2020-05-29, 17:34 authored by Gayathri Devatha, Pradyut Roy, Anish Rao, Soumendu Roy, Pramod P. Pillai
Ability to create high-contrast multicolor luminescent patterns is essential to realize the full potential of quantum dots (QDs) in display technologies. The idea of using a nonemissive state is adopted in the present work to enhance the color-contrast of QD-based photopatterns. This is achieved at a multicolor level by the photoregulation of electron and energy transfer processes in a single QD nanohybrid film, composed of one QD donor and two dye acceptors. The dominance of photoinduced electron transfer over the energy transfer process generates a nonluminescent QD nanohybrid film, which provides the black background for multicolor patterning. The superior photostability of QDs over dyes is used for the photoregulation of electron and energy transfer processes. Selective photodegradation of electron acceptor dye triggered the onset of the energy transfer process, thereby imparting a luminescent color to the QD nanohybrid film. Further, a controlled photoregulation of energy transfer process paved the way for multicolor patterning.