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Wireless Single-Electrode Self-Powered Piezoelectric Sensor for Monitoring

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posted on 04.02.2020, 22:04 by Qi Liu, Xiao-Xiong Wang, Wei-Zhi Song, Hui-Jing Qiu, Jun Zhang, Zhiyong Fan, Miao Yu, Yun-Ze Long
In complex environments, there are often toxic and harmful conditions, and so self-powered sensors that use wireless access have a huge advantage. However, there is still a risk of short circuit for self-powered sensors in harsh environments. A single-electrode self-powered sensor was designed, which can be used to monitor body movements such as walking and running, as well as monitoring the motion of some mechanical devices, such as peristaltic pumps, door, and window switches. By using a threshold delay algorithm, this self-powered sensor can be connected to the phone to warn the phone user to check for theft or illegal intrusion when the door and window are opened. Further research shows that the single-electrode configuration can avoid the short-circuit behavior caused by device damage so that the self-powered sensor can still work even if it is pierced. Therefore, the wireless single-electrode self-powered sensor system has better reliability and is more applicable to harsh environments.