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Unidirectional Lasing from Template-Stripped Two-Dimensional Plasmonic Crystals

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posted on 09.11.2015, 16:04 by Ankun Yang, Zhongyang Li, Michael P. Knudson, Alexander J. Hryn, Weijia Wang, Koray Aydin, Teri W. Odom
Plasmon lasers support cavity structures with sizes below that of the diffraction limit. However, most plasmon-based lasers show bidirectional lasing emission or emission with limited far-field directionality and large radiative losses. Here, we report unidirectional lasing from ultrasmooth, template-stripped two-dimensional (2D) plasmonic crystals. Optically pumped 2D plasmonic crystals (Au or Ag) surrounded by dye molecules exhibited lasing in a single emission direction and their lasing wavelength could be tuned by modulating the dielectric environment. We found that 2D plasmonic crystals were an ideal architecture to screen how nanocavity unit-cell structure, metal material, and gain media affected the lasing response. We discovered that template-stripped strong plasmonic materials with cylindrical posts were an optimal cavity design for a unidirectional laser operating at room temperature.