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Underwater, Multifunctional Superhydrophobic Sensor for Human Motion Detection

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posted on 28.12.2020, 18:35 by Yimeng Ni, Jianying Huang, Shuhui Li, Xiaoqin Wang, Lexin Liu, Mengyao Wang, Zhong Chen, Xiao Li, Yuekun Lai
Superhydrophobic conductive materials have received a great amount of interest due to their wide applications in oil–water separation, electrically driven smart surface, electromagnetic shielding, and body motion detection. Herein, a highly conductive superhydrophobic cotton cloth is prepared by a facile method. A layer of polydopamine/reduced graphene oxide (PDA/rGO) was first coated on the cotton fabric, and then copper nanoparticles were in situ grown on the prepared surface. After further modification with stearic acid (STA), the wettability of the cotton surface changed from superhydrophilic to superhydrophobic (water contact angle (WCA) = 153°). The electrical conductivity of the PDA/rGO/Cu/STA cotton is as high as 6769 S·m–1, while the stearic acid effectively protects Cu NPs from oxidation. As a result, the superhydrophobic PDA/rGO/Cu/STA cotton has shown excellent electrical stability and can be used in detecting human motions in both ambient and underwater conditions. The sensor can recognize human motion from air into water and other underwater activities (e.g., underwater bending, stretching, and ultrasound). This multifunctional cotton device can be used as an ideal sensor for underwater intelligent devices and provides a basis for further research.