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Tunable Sorting of Mesoscopic Chiral Structures by External Noise in Achiral Periodic Potentials

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posted on 2019-06-24, 00:00 authored by Jie Su, Hui-Jun Jiang, Zhong-Huai Hou
Efficient chirality sorting is now highly in demand to separate assembled mesoscopic chiral structures which are of very special physical properties rather than their achiral counterparts or those at the single-particle level. However, the efficiency of conventional methods usually suffers from the thermal or external noise. Here, we propose a mechanism utilizing external noise to attain a tunable sorting of mesoscopic chiral particles in an achiral periodic potential. The complete chirality separation stems from the path selection by a noise-induced biased flux in a nonequilibrium landscape. Such a mechanism provides a practical way to control the motion of chiral particles by simply adjusting the noise intensity, which is demonstrated by simultaneous separation of several kinds of enantiomorphs with different degrees of chirality. The robustness and generalizability of noise-tuned chirality sorting is further verified in systems with other types of periodic potentials or spatially/temporally correlated noise.