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Tunable Polarization-Multiplexed Achromatic Dielectric Metalens

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posted on 2022-12-06, 21:06 authored by Xiangnian Ou, Tibin Zeng, Yi Zhang, Yuting Jiang, Zhongwei Gong, Fan Fan, Honghui Jia, Huigao Duan, Yueqiang Hu
Tunable metasurfaces provide a compact and efficient strategy for optical active wavefront shaping. Varifocal metalens is one of the most important applications. However, the existing tunable metalens rarely serves broadband wavelengths restricting their applications in broadband imaging and color display due to chromatic aberration. Herein, an electrically tunable polarization-multiplexed achromatic metalens integrated with twisted nematic liquid crystals (TNLCs) in the visible region is demonstrated. The phase profiles at different wavelengths under two orthogonal polarization channels are customized by the particle swarm optimization algorithm and matched with the dielectric metaunits database to achieve polarization-multiplexed achromatic performance. By combining the broadband linear polarization conversion ability of TNLC, the tunability of varifocal achromatic metalens is realized by applying different voltages. Further, the electrically tunable customized dispersion-manipulated metalens and switchable color metaholograms are demonstrated. The proposed devices will accelerate the application of metasurfaces in broadband zoom imaging, AR/VR displays and spectral detection.