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Triple-Responsive Soft Actuator with Plastically Retentive Deformation and Magnetically Programmable Recovery

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posted on 2023-11-21, 16:06 authored by Wenwen Li, Min Sang, Congcong Lou, Guojiang Liao, Shuai Liu, Jianpeng Wu, Xinglong Gong, Qian Ma, Shouhu Xuan
Multistimuli responsiveness and programmable shape recovery are crucial for soft actuators in soft robotics, electronics, and wearables. However, existing strategies for actuation cannot attain power-free shape retention after removing the external energy supply. Here, a self-assembled density deposition method was developed to fabricate an electrothermal-NIR-magnetic triple-response actuator which was composed of cellulose nanofiber/poly­(vinyl alcohol)/liquid metal (CNF/PVA/LM) and magnetic polydimethyl­siloxane (MPDMS) layer. Interestingly, the large deformation can be controllably fixed and the temporary configuration will be programmable recovered under a magnetic field due to the thermal-plastic transferring behavior of the CNF/PVA/LM. Rolling robot prepared based on soft actuators exhibits good ability to avoid obstacles. In addition, the object handling and programmable release capabilities of the carrier robots demonstrate that this actuation approach will contribute to a better understanding of how to more rationally utilize various stimuli for application purposes.