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Transformable Electrocardiograph Using Robust Liquid–Solid Heteroconnector

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posted on 04.01.2021, 17:09 authored by Maika Takaya, Ryosuke Matsuda, Go Inamori, Umihiro Kamoto, Yutaka Isoda, Daiki Tachibana, Fumika Nakamura, Ohmi Fuchiwaki, Yusuke Okubo, Hiroki Ota
In this study, a highly transformable electrocardiograph that can considerably deform the position of stretchable electrodes based on the lead method for diagnosing heart disease was developed; these electrodes exhibited high resistance stability against considerable stretching and multiple stretching. To realize the large deformable functionality of the electrodes of a system, liquid metal electrodes and a heteroconnector composed of a liquid metal paste and carbon-based conductive rubber were employed. The developed device can achieve a 200% strain with only 6% resistance change and a high stability of resistances after the 100-time stretching test. In addition, the study demonstrated electrocardiograms in different lead methods of adult and child using the same device. The proposed combination of large deformable electrodes with high electric stability and a robust heteroconnector is an important technology, and it presents a considerable advancement in the application of stretchable electronic systems.