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Tracking and Visualization of Functional Domains in Stratified Metal–Organic Frameworks Using Gold Nanoparticles

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posted on 21.01.2020, 21:04 by Xuedi Qin, Sanfeng He, Jiasheng Wu, Yaqi Fan, Fang Wang, Songwei Zhang, Siqi Li, Lianshun Luo, Yanhang Ma, Yongjin Lee, Tao Li
We report here a new technique for the identification and visualization of functional domains in stratified metal–organic frameworks (MOFs). The technique, namely, gold diffusion enabled domain identification, utilizes the diffusion of Au nanoparticles within MOF cavities to track and selectively stain the more Au-philic domain in an MOF particle thereby allowing direct observation of domains, determination of domain sequences, and, in certain cases, domain boundaries under transmission electron microscopy. This method is an excellent tool for studying MOF materials with complex domain hierarchy.