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Three-Dimensional Visualization of Gas Evolution and Channel Formation inside a Lithium-Ion Battery

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posted on 2016-02-29, 00:00 authored by Fu Sun, Henning Markötter, Ingo Manke, Andre Hilger, Nikolay Kardjilov, John Banhart
Gas generation within lithium ion batteries (LIBs) gives rise to safety concerns that question their applicability. By employing synchrotron X-ray imaging, the gas and channel evolution occurring in an operating LIB have been directly visualized in their inherent 3D state as a function of discharge and charge. Using the spatial 3D distribution of gas bubbles and channels, the active particles that dictate the performance of a functional LIB were identified and visualized in 3D. Delithiation and lithiation are interpreted as the process of activating particles continuously in a step-by-step way. The present work not only demonstrates the generation and evolution of gas within LIB in 3D, but also reveals the distribution of active particles for the first time. These fundamentally findings presented here shed light on a range of processes that could not previously be characterized in 3D and can provide practical guidance for the design of next-generation LIBs with improved safety.