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Three-Dimensional Multifunctional Magnetically Responsive Liquid Manipulator Fabricated by Femtosecond Laser Writing and Soft Transfer

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posted on 2020-09-17, 18:12 authored by Shaojun Jiang, Yanlei Hu, Hao Wu, Rui Li, Yiyuan Zhang, Chao Chen, Cheng Xue, Bing Xu, Wulin Zhu, Jiawen Li, Dong Wu, Jiaru Chu
Nature-inspired magnetically responsive intelligent topography surfaces have attracted considerable attention owing to their controllable droplet manipulation abilities. However, it is still challenging for magnetically responsive surfaces to realize three-dimensional (3D) droplet/multidroplet transport in both horizontal and vertical directions. Additionally, the droplet horizontal propulsion speed needs to be improved. In this work, a 3D droplet/multidroplet transport strategy based on magnetically responsive microplates array (MMA) actuated by a spatially varying and periodic magnetic field is proposed. The modified superhydrophobic surface can transport droplets rapidly both in horizontal and vertical directions, and it can even realize against-gravity upslope propulsion. The rapid horizontal droplet propulsion (∼58.6 mm/s) is ascribed to the abrupt inversion of the modified surface induced by the specific magnetic field. Furthermore, the nonmagnetically responsive microplates (NMMs)/MMA composite surface is constructed to realize 3D multidroplet manipulation. The implementations of MMA in manipulation of continuous fluids and liquid metal are further demonstrated, providing a valuable platform for microfluidic applications.