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Thermo-Switchable de Novo Ionic Liquid-Based Gelators with Dye-Absorbing and Drug-Encapsulating Characteristics

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posted on 27.09.2018 by Muzammil Kuddushi, Nehal K. Patel, Sargam Rajput, Ankit Shah, Omar A. El Seoud, Naved I. Malek
An ionic liquid-based surfactant with ester functionality self-aggregates in an aqueous medium and forms ionogels at 8.80% (w/v) concentration at physiological pH. The ionogel exhibited a remarkable change in its appearance with temperature from fibrillar opaque to transparent because of the dynamic changes within its supramolecular structure. This gel-to-gel phase transition occurs below the melting point of the solid ionic liquid. The ionogels were investigated using turbidity, differential scanning calorimetry, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), field emission SEM (FE-SEM), inverted microscopy, transmission electron microscopy imaging, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, and rheological measurements. The fibrillar opaque ionogel and transparent ionogel were studied for their ability to absorb dyes (methyl orange and crystal violet) and to encapsulate drugs (diclofenac sodium and imatinib mesylate).