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Thermally Laminated Lighting Textile for Wearable Displays with High Durability

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posted on 2023-01-23, 14:39 authored by Yong Lin, Xiaolian Chen, Qianying Lu, Jiayi Wang, Chen Ding, Fuxing Liu, Desheng Kong, Wei Yuan, Wenming Su, Zheng Cui
Textile-based light-emitting devices are attracting more and more attention because of their potential applications in smart clothing, human–computer interfaces, safety warnings, entertainment fashion, etc. However, simple and efficient manufacturing of luminescent devices on fabrics even clothing with excellent stretchability and washability remains challenging. Here, a solvent-free thermal lamination process combined with laser engraving has been proposed to fabricate electroluminescent (EL) devices on textiles. All the preprepared components, such as the bottom electrode, the EL layer, and the top transparent electrode, were thermally laminated on the surface of textiles employing thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) as the binding matrix. The stretchability, luminance, and interface adhesion of the EL devices were systematically studied, showing excellent mechanical durability at high temperature, in humid environments, withstanding repeated machine washing, and resistant to various forms of physical damage. As a demonstration of potential application, textile-based EL devices were fabricated, which could display colored and pixelated patterns as well as dynamic images. The thermal lamination technology developed in this work can potentially enable people to DIY (do it yourself) fabricate light-emitting devices on clothing using daily tools, which could facilitate the widespread use of textile-based wearable displays.