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Thermal Nociception of Ionic Skin: TRPV1 Ion Channel-Inspired Heat-Activated Dynamic Ionic Liquid

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posted on 2022-10-21, 13:05 authored by Zhiwu Chen, Yonglin He, Xinglei Tao, Yingchao Ma, Jichen Jia, Yapei Wang
The artificial reproduction of the tactile sensory function of natural skin is crucial for intelligent sensing, human–computer interaction, and medical health. Thermal nociception is an essential human tactile function to avoid noxious thermal stimuli, which depends on the specific heat-activation of the TRPV1 ion channel. Inspired by the TRPV1, a dynamic ionic liquid with heat-activation characteristics is designed and prepared, which can be activated at 45 °C, which is near the physiological noxious temperature, accompanied by a steep rise in electrical response signals. Its electrical behavior can be deemed to be the extreme version of temperature sensation similar to the natural thermal nociceptor. The heat-activation mechanism is confirmed as a feasible strategy to regulate the thermal response behavior of ions, and this reported dynamic ionic liquid has an unprecedented intrinsic temperature response sensitivity of up to 156.79%/°C. In consideration of the similarity between the heat-activated dynamic ionic liquid and the TRPV1 ion channel in terms of heat-activation characteristics, electrical output signal, and ultrathermal sensitivity, an all-liquid ionic skin with the ability of thermal nociception is further fabricated, which shows considerable potential to assist patients with tactile desensitization to avoid noxious thermal stimuli.