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The Curvature Effect on the Diffusion of Single Brownian Squares on a Cylindrical Surface in the Presence of Depletion Attractions

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posted on 19.07.2021, 16:29 by Huaqing Liu, Yiwu Zong, Kun Zhao
The diffusion of single micron-sized Brownian square platelets on cylindrical surfaces with different radii of curvature in the presence of depletion attractions was studied experimentally by video microscopy. The translational motion of a square is found to be diffusive along the axial direction of the cylinder but sub-diffusive along the circumferential direction due to the confinement induced by gravity, while its rotational motion displays a sub-diffusive behavior due to the confinement induced by orientation-dependent depletion attractions. Such a confinement effect decreases as the radius of curvature increases and can be tuned both through surface curvatures and/or depletion attractions. Our work provides a new way to control the translational and rotational dynamics of anisotropic particles through curved surfaces in the presence of depletion attractions.