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Targeted Cytosolic Delivery of Cell-Impermeable Compounds by Nanoparticle-Mediated, Light-Triggered Endosome Disruption

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posted on 09.06.2010, 00:00 authored by Sébastien Febvay, Davide M. Marini, Angela M. Belcher, David E. Clapham
Nanoparticle (NP)-mediated drug delivery typically relies on cargo release to occur passively or in response to environmental stimuli. Here we present a delivery method based on light-activated disruption of intracellular vesicles after internalization of biofunctionalized mesoporous silica nanoparticles loaded with cargo. This method combines the power of targeted delivery with the spatiotemporal control of light activation. As an example, we delivered a cell-impermeable fluorescent compound exclusively to the cytosol of multidrug resistant cancer cells in a mixed population.