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Tailored Hypersound Generation in Single Plasmonic Nanoantennas

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posted on 2016-02-04, 16:48 authored by Fabricio Della Picca, Rodrigo Berte, Mohsen Rahmani, Pablo Albella, Juan M. Bujjamer, Martín Poblet, Emiliano Cortés, Stefan A. Maier, Andrea V. Bragas
Ultrashort laser pulses impinging on a plasmonic nanostructure trigger a highly dynamic scenario in the interplay of electronic relaxation with lattice vibrations, which can be experimentally probed via the generation of coherent phonons. In this Letter, we present studies of hypersound generation in the range of a few to tens of gigahertz on single gold plasmonic nanoantennas, which have additionally been subjected to predesigned mechanical constraints via silica bridges. Using these hybrid gold/silica nanoantennas, we demonstrate experimentally and via numerical simulations how mechanical constraints allow control over their vibrational mode spectrum. Degenerate pump–probe techniques with double modulation are performed in order to detect the small changes produced in the probe transmission by the mechanical oscillations of these single nanoantennas.