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Synergistic Regulation of the Microstructure for Multifunctional Graphene Aerogels by a Dual Template Method

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posted on 2022-05-05, 16:07 authored by Zhongjie He, Xiaoqian Li, Hongni Wang, Fangfang Su, Dechao Wang, Dongdong Yao, Yaping Zheng
The performance of graphene aerogels (GAs) is based on the microstructure. However, GAs face a challenge of simultaneously controlling the size and alignment of pores strategically. Herein, we initially proposed a simple strategy to construct GAs with an adjustable structure based on the emulsion and ice dual template methods. Specifically, GAs with a honeycomb structure prepared by conventional freezing (CGAs) exhibited a high specific surface of 176 m2/g, superelasticity with a compressive strain of 95%, isotropic compression and thermal insulation performances, as well as an excellent absorption capacity of 150–550 g/g. Instead, the GAs with a bamboo-like network frozen by unidirectional freezing (UGAs) showed anisotropy in compression and thermal insulation behavior. Furthermore, UGAs exhibited incredible special stress (7.9 kPa cm3/mg) along the axial direction twice than that of the radial direction. Meanwhile, the apparent temperature of UGAs was only 45.6 °C when placed on a 120 °C hot stage along the radial direction. Remarkably, the properties of CGAs and UGAs were significantly improved with the adjustment of the microstructure.