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Sustainable Approach for the Synthesis of a Semicrystalline Polymer with a Reversible Shape-Memory Effect

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posted on 2023-04-13, 13:49 authored by Jie-Wei Wong, Xuxu Yang, Qian Zhao, Yaoting Xue, Tow-Jie Lok, Li Wang, Xiulin Fan, Xuezhang Xiao, Tuck-Whye Wong, Tiefeng Li, Lixin Chen, Ahmad Fauzi Ismail
Shape-memory polymers (SMPs) have demonstrated potential for use in automotive, biomedical, and aerospace industries. However, ensuring the sustainability of these materials remains a challenge. Herein, a sustainable approach to synthesize a semicrystalline polymer using biomass-derivable precursors via catalyst-free polyesterification is presented. The synthesized biodegradable polymer, poly­(1,8-octanediol-co-1,12-dodecanedioate-co-citrate) (PODDC), exhibits excellent shape-memory properties, as evidenced by good shape fixity and shape recovery ratios of 98%, along with a large reversible actuation strain of 28%. Without the use of a catalyst, the mild polymerization enables the reconfiguration of the partially cured two-dimensional (2D) film to a three-dimensional (3D) geometric form in the middle process. This study appears to be a step forward in developing sustainable SMPs and a simple way for constructing a 3D structure of a permanent shape.