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Supramolecular Adhesion at Extremely Low Temperatures: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Investigation

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posted on 10.12.2020, 22:30 by Xing Li, Jinlei Lai, Yan Deng, Jingfu Song, Gai Zhao, Shengyi Dong
Adhesive materials that are resistant to low temperatures have wide applications in daily life, scientific research, and industry. Currently, the overwhelming majority of low-temperature-resistant adhesives are traditional polymer systems. In this study, a new strategy was developed to obtain strong and long-lasting adhesion effects from low-molecular-weight adhesives at low temperatures. The introduction of water molecules and the formation of hydrogen bonds not only triggered supramolecular polymerization but also endowed the water-involved copolymer with low-temperature resistance. The water content of the polymeric supramolecular system played a crucial role in exhibiting adhesion behavior at low temperatures. Good adhesion performance was obtained in extremely low-temperature environments, including liquid nitrogen.