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Stretchable and All-Directional Strain-Insensitive Electronic Glove for Robotic Skins and Human–Machine Interfacing

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posted on 2023-04-04, 03:04 authored by Sudeep Sharma, Gagan Bahadur Pradhan, Seonghoon Jeong, Shipeng Zhang, Hyesu Song, Jae Yeong Park
Electronic gloves (e-gloves), with their multifunctional sensing capability, hold a promising application in robotic skin and human–machine interfaces, endowing robots with a human sense of touch. Despite the progress in developing e-gloves by exploiting flexible or stretchable sensors, existing models have inherent rigidity in their sensing area, limiting their stretchability and sensing performance. Herein, we present an all-directional strain-insensitive stretchable e-glove that successfully extends sensing functionality such as pressure, temperature, humidity, and ECG with minimal crosstalk. A scalable and facile method is successfully demonstrated by combining low-cost CO2 laser engraving and electrospinning technology to fabricate multimodal e-glove sensors with a vertical architecture. In comparison to other smart gloves, the proposed e-glove features a ripple-like meandering sensing area and interconnections that are designed to stretch in response to the applied deformation, without affecting the performance of the sensors offering full mechanical stretchability. Furthermore, CNT-coated laser-engraved graphene (CNT/LEG) is used as an active sensing material in which the cross-linking network of the CNT in the LEG minimizes the stress effect and maximizes the sensitivity of the sensors. The fabricated e-glove can detect hot/cold, moisture, and pain simultaneously and precisely, while also allowing for remote transmission of sensory data to the user.