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Stretchable Neuromorphic Transistor That Combines Multisensing and Information Processing for Epidermal Gesture Recognition

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posted on 2022-01-27, 12:36 authored by Lu Liu, Wenlong Xu, Yao Ni, Zhipeng Xu, Binbin Cui, Jiaqi Liu, Huanhuan Wei, Wentao Xu
We fabricated a nanowire-channel intrinsically stretchable neuromorphic transistor (NISNT) that perceives both tactile and visual information and emulates neuromorphic processing capabilities. The device demonstrated excellent stretching endurance of 1000 stretch cycles while retaining stable electrical properties. The device was then applied as a multisensitive afferent nerve that processes information in parallel. Compatible with skin deformation, the devices are attached to fingers to serve as conformal strain sensors and neuromorphic information-processing units for gesture recognition. The excitatory postsynaptic current in each device represents shape changes and is then analyzed using softmax activation processing of the neural network to recognize gestures. A multistage neural network that uses NISNT was used to further confirm the gestures. This work demonstrated an idea toward multisensory artificial nerves and neuromorphic systems.