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Skin-Inspired Hydrogel-Elastomer Hybrid Forms a Seamless Interface by Autonomous Hetero-Self-Healing

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posted on 19.10.2020, 21:09 by Sung-Ho Shin, Seon-Mi Kim, Hyeonyeol Jeon, Sung Yeon Hwang, Dongyeop X. Oh, Jeyoung Park
Inspired by the human skin, a wholly self-healing electronic-skin (e-skin) is designed by the monolithic combination of a dermis-like hydrogel for conductivity and an epidermis-like thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) elastomer for protection. The hydrogen-bond-mediated “heteroself-healing” through the simple assembly of this hydrogel-elastomer hybrid forms a seamless interface with strong adhesion. A low degree of microphase-separated TPU promotes the heteroswapping of hydrogen bonds with hydrogel at the interface. The wholly self-healing e-skin recovers all mechanical, electrical, and strain-sensing performances as original by recontacting the cut pieces at room temperature. This polymer-based e-skin provides the insights in the field of soft electronics.