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Self-Running Ga Droplets on GaAs (111)A and (111)B Surfaces

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posted on 28.08.2013, 00:00 by Songphol Kanjanachuchai, Chanan Euaruksakul
Thermal decomposition of GaAs (111)­A and (111)B surfaces in ultrahigh vacuum results in self-running Ga droplets. Although Ga droplets on the (111)B surface run in one main direction, those on the (111)­A surface run in multiple directions, frequently taking sharp turns and swerving around pyramidal etch pits, leaving behind mixed smooth-triangular trails as a result of simultaneous in-plane driving and out-of-plane crystallographic etching. The droplet motion is partially guided by dislocation strain fields. The results hint at the possibilities of using subsurface dislocation network and prepatterned, etched surfaces to control metallic droplet motion on single-crystal semiconductor surfaces.