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Self-Powered and Green Ionic-Type Thermoelectric Paper Chips for Early Fire Alarming

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posted on 2020-07-29, 10:14 authored by Xun Wu, Naiwei Gao, Xiaoting Zheng, Xinglei Tao, Yonglin He, Zhiping Liu, Yapei Wang
Early fire alarming is of vital importance to lower the damages led by forest fires. Thus far, methods to monitor the forest fires at their early stage are mainly focused on artificial ground patrol, unmanned aerial vehicle cruise monitoring, observation by watchtower, or satellite inspection, whereas these methods are practically encountered with the problems of untimely feedback before the forest fires are out of control. This work proposes a particular kind of self-powered, low-cost, and green thermoelectric paper chips based on the principle of self-assembly and disassembly of ionic liquids on the surface of gold electrodes. By adjustment of the species of ionic liquids, both “n- and p-type” thermoelectric behaviors have been exploited that correspond to the opposite open-circuit voltages. Owing to the fluidic nature of ionic liquids, those “n- and p-type” thermoelectric units can be readily connected in series on one paper chip, leading to remarkable voltage signals in the presence of the temperature difference of 35 K. Followed by signal acquisition and transmission, such a thermoelectric paper chip successfully affords immediate electrical alarming at the early stage of an afire circumstance.