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Rough Adhesive Hydrogels (RAd gels) for Underwater Adhesion

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posted on 09.08.2017, 00:00 by Laura C. Bradley, Nathan D. Bade, Lisa M. Mariani, Kevin T. Turner, Daeyeon Lee, Kathleen J. Stebe
In this work, underwater adhesion is achieved between biocompatible hydrogels and a suite of substrates. Surface roughness, which is typically detrimental for adhesion in air, is shown to be beneficial for underwater adhesion. Contact between the hydrogels with macroscopically flat substrates, and the resulting nonspecific chemical interaction, is facilitated by surface roughness, which enables drainage of the lubricating fluid layer. Hydrogel composition plays an important role in tuning the gel elasticity and interaction with the substrate. Hydrogels that are adhesive on two sides are synthesized for potential use as versatile adhesives in various applications.