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Robust Micro-Nanostructured Superhydrophobic Surfaces for Long-Term Dropwise Condensation

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posted on 2021-09-02, 14:09 authored by Yu Tang, Xiaolong Yang, Yimin Li, Yao Lu, Di Zhu
Design of hierarchical micromorphology represents an important strategy for developing functional surfaces but has yet to be achieved for promising long-term dropwise condensation. Herein, micropapillaes overlaid with nanograss were created to enhance dropwise condensation. By analyzing the nucleation and evolution of the condensate droplets, we elucidated that these hierarchical micro-nanostructures topologized tapered gaps, which produced upward pressure, to achieve spontaneous dislodging of condensate microdroplet out of gaps, and then to trigger microdroplet navigation before finally departing from the surface by coalescence-induced jumping. The high mobility of condensate delayed flooding and contributed to a very high heat transfer coefficient of 218 kW·m–2·K–1. Moreover, these micropapillaes served as forts that protected the nanograss from being destroyed, resulting in improved mechanical and chemical robustness. Our work proposed new examples of topology creation for long-term dropwise condensation heat transfer and shed light on application integration of such promising functional surfaces.