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Robust Antiwater and Anti-oil-fouling Double-Sided Tape Enabled by SiO2 Reinforcement and a Liquefied Surface

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posted on 2021-09-03, 19:04 authored by Shiyu Gu, Jiayi Liu, Jing Zheng, Hui Wang, Jinrong Wu
Realizing simultaneous antiwater and anti-oil-fouling adhesion is extremely challenging owing to the solvated overlayer on the surface of substrates. Herein, we develop a supertough polyacrylate-based tape bearing SiO2 as a reinforcing filler and a solvent to liquefy the surface. The SiO2 reinforcement enhances the cohesion strength, while the liquefied surface not only expels the solvated overlayer but also improves the interfacial wettability and interaction. This material design imparts the double-sided tape with admirable antiwater and anti-oil-fouling adhesion performance, which far exceeds that of commercial tapes, as well as high transparency and long-term stability. In addition, we carry out an in-depth study on the adhesive mechanism for the tape and clarify the role of the solvent and the interaction between SiO2 and a polymer matrix. This work provides a novel strategy for designing antiwater and anti-oil-fouling adhesives with wide applications in various fields such as leakage repair, antiseep, underwater adhesion, building materials, and biological adhesives.